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  • I code websites.
  • I make videos.
  • I do artsy stuff.
  • I blog sometimes.

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The logos for Vue, Nuxt and TypeScript with a 3D extrusion effect

Scaffolding an App with Vue 3, Nuxt and TypeScript

For most of my projects I use my own, simple setup that takes a step back from large, JavaScript-based web apps. One limitation that comes with it is sharing state between multiple screens. My setup doesn’t do soft navigations by design, so it has to rely on localStorage, sessionStorage, and indexedDB for persistent states. That becomes cumbersome very quickly and I acknowledge that some projects absolutely benefit from reactivity and the automagic mechanisms, that the likes of Vue and React bring with them.

Setting up such a project can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the entire ecosystem of your chosen framework and simply want to get on with a little side project. Here’s how and why mine a wired together - from choosing a tech stack to implementing a persistent store.

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