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A Board of Minesweeper. The mine pattern reads the word 'Covid”


As a comment on how it feels to navigate daily life with a Covid incidence of over 1000, I have created a Minesweeper clone with Covid infections instead of mines (and vaccinations instead of flags). It also gets more difficult as the number of Covid infections increases: Covidsweeper.

I get the incidence from Marlon Lückerts Covid-19 API. The higher it climbs, the more infections are on the battlefield.

const difficulty = Math.log(boardProps.incidence * 3) * 10;
const minesPerc = Math.min((boardProps.incidence / 100_000) * difficulty, 1);

The difficulty curve is logarithmic, so the effect is still noticeable on incidences around 30 to 50, while still being playable at around 1000. At the time of writing this blog post, it's at 1467. That's so overwhelmingly high, every single field is an infection. Good luck with that.

The Code is available on GitHub.